• We can save you time and money by designing a garden that is tailored to your budget and needs. A well crafted garden adds value to your property, so should you decide to move, it will increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

  • We have the creative imagination and practical expertise to translate your brief into a flourishing garden.

  • We can help you get work done on time and within budget. We'll guide you through the process, recommend trusted trade partners or work with yours to bring your vision to life.


Each project is unique to client and site which is reflected in the services we provide and the design fees charged.


Broadly speaking though, our process is rooted in three guiding principles - the 'three C's'



To design a successful space we need an accurate SURVEY detailing the boundaries, the existing house, any features to remain, any relevant services and the topographic details.

Once we have a completed survey we can start work on the design.


At CONSULTATION we discuss your requirements and aspirations for the garden and use this brief as the start point for the design process.

We produce a set of CONCEPT PLANS and MOOD BOARDS showing the hard landscaping layouts for the garden and suggested materials and planting styles. We can create 3D VISUALS of the outside space together with an annotated 2D MASTERPLAN.

When the overall plan is approved we can then produce PLANTING and LIGHTING PLANS, and also produce any TECHNICAL DRAWINGS required of any features in the design.

A PLANTING PLAN shows the detailed planting in plan form. This shows the plants, their location, numbers and sizes. The planting design is based on a number of factors including the site conditions, colour, form, texture and season of interest of the plants.

A PLANT SCHEDULE lists all the plants used in a particular scheme and an AFTER CARE REPORT is produced to detail what needs to be done to the plants to ensure they are properly maintained.

We are able to monitor the project if required. This involves sourcing a contractor and we can produce construction drawings for bespoke elements required together with a SCOPE OF WORKS and SPECIFICATION to enable the tendering of the works to selected contractors.


If you'd like to get more out of your garden or outdoor space without major re-modelling work, maybe you should consider our GARDEN ENHANCEMENT service.


We can visit your garden and walk around with you, perhaps looking at parts you find challenging, particular areas you'd like to focus on or we can give an overview of the whole space.


We can provide a REPORT of the visit with recommendations and suggestions, including planting and management advice, as well as weblinks and recommendations of suppliers.


The report would be tailored to your specific site and preferred garden design styles then provided digitally.